How to grow longer eyelashes naturally

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Eyelashes are symbolic of women beauty. They can be made to look longer using different cosmetic products but having naturally long eyelashes has no competition. So, how do you make your eyelashes grow longer naturally? Here are some tips that you can use:

Never ignore the importance of food:

Eyelashes are nothing alien. They are typical body hair. They grow naturally as hair on other parts of your body. For this to happen, you need to feed your body properly. Talk to your nutrition expert and get a diet list that can help the eyelashes to grow longer naturally. Proper nutrition will strengthen the hair follicles and will make your eyelashes stronger and help them to grow longer.

Wonders of Oil

  • Use olive oil or castor oil: Castor oil and olive oil are known to aid hair growth and making hair strong. You can use a mascara brush to apply either of these two oils on your eyelashes. Apply before you go to bed at night and in the morning wash off your face and eyelashes properly to get rid of the sticky oil.
  • Castor oil and egg white combo: Add a couple of drops of castor oil with two drops of the white portion of the egg. Mix well and use a mascara brush to apply on your eyelashes. Apply before going to bed at night and wash off in the morning. The egg white prevents fall of eyelashes and makes the hair follicles strong. The castor oil helps to provide nutrients required for the growth of eyelashes. The egg white actually contains all 9 essential amino acids which are the building blocks of human body and help in the growth of hair. Applying egg white actually nourishes the hair follicles with the necessary amino acids.

Dandruff can be a big setback:

Women or men, all take care of their dandruff on head but everyone simply ignores the fact that dandruff can occur even on eyes. Eye dandruff is responsible for weakening eyelashes and leads to loss of eyelashes over long term if not taken care off. You can use baby shampoo or tea tree oil to wash your eyelashes and eyebrows properly to clean off the dandruff.

The sticky and annoying petroleum jelly:

Petroleum jelly is a natural lubricant that helps to grow longer eyelashes naturally. The application process is same as that of castor oil or olive oil. Leave overnight and wash off in the morning. Make sure that you do not use excess petroleum jelly because that will only make you feel uncomfortable.

Eyelid massage:

Like your head, your eyelashes also need proper blood circulation for growth. Use a very gentle massage on your eyelids to improve the blood circulation. The eyelashes will grow longer when blood circulation improves. Eye massage is not simple and it can hurt your eyes if not done properly. Consider using some professional help. A well trained masseur can help. Remember that the massage needs to be gentle and in circular pattern.

Strictly try to avoid these:

  • Fake eyelashes will make your eyes beautiful but do you know that fake eyelashes contain lead? It is a real toxic metal for your body and it can hamper the eye health. It invariably inhibits eyelash growth. Once or twice a month is fine but more frequent use will only cause you troubles.
  • It will be unwise to ask you to stop using cosmetics for eyelashes but if you really want your eyelashes to grow longer naturally, you will at least have to minimize the duration of cosmetic use per application. Remove cosmetics like mascara as soon as you return home. Your eyelashes need fresh air. They need to be in their natural state as long as possible.

A little unnatural approach

What we learned so far was all about things you can do at home. But, did you know that on one hand when you are trying to grow your eyelashes naturally, you must also try to prevent them from falling? Eyelashes generally fall of when the body lacks proper amounts of chromium, copper and iron. So, to know exactly how much amounts of these elements are needed, you may have to take advice from a nutritionist to find out what foods should be consumed and in what amounts. Alternately, you can go for some supplements (minerals, vitamins etc.). Some of these multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements also contain amino acids, magnesium, calcium and potassium which are essential for proper hair growth. Still, never take them without a doctor’s advice.

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