Can Fake Eyelashes Cause Eye Infection?

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So are you pondering the thought of getting fake eyelashes put on?  Are you wondering if they can cause infections or discomfort?  Fake eyelashes are glamorized in Hollywood and in magazines, but the truth is that they can cause serious damage to the eye.  Fox News Journalist Dr. Clifford Basset reported that over 100 women in Japan reported eye contamination and complications after getting false eyelashes.  Continue reading to learn more about eye infections caused by false eyelashes.

Common side effects:  Most common side effects of wearing fake eyelashes are infection, lash damages, or allergies.  There is also a hygiene risk.  If you drop the false lash on the ground and put it back on, there is a possibility that you may get dirt or harmful bacteria in the eye.  Wearing false eyelashes can also cause temporary or permanent damage to your natural lashes.  It can tear them out or cause the natural lashes to stop growing all together.  With constant touching false lashes, in worst case scenario, scratch the inside of your eye causing serious damage.

Signs: If you are having any of the following signs then you may have an eye infection:  pain, redness, sore, sensitive to light, discharge, fever, blurred vision, swollen eyes.  If you notice any of these signs, then consult with your doctor immediately.  If you develop pinkeye, it is highly contagious and you will have to be in seclusion and on antibiotics.  Pinkeye can last up to two weeks.  Infections are hard to tell how long it will take to heal because you have to let it run it’s course.

Causes of infection: Some of the causes of an eye infection while wearing false eyelashes are because of the following:  excess glue, lashes with glitter or jewels, sleeping in them, using cheap ones, constant falling off and gluing back on, made with synthetic fibers, constant rubbing and tugging.  Some people get an allergic reaction to the false eyelashes because of the formaldehyde in the glue.   So be aware of what kind of glue you are using to apply the eyelashes.  If you do decide to wear false eyelashes, refrain from using or doing these things as a preventative tactic.

Treatment:  According to author Maddie Anderson, you can spray breast milk into your eye to kill the bacteria.  I don’t know about you, but that does not sound very appeasing to me.  Some other ways to treat and eye infection is to apply a moist tea bag or boil acacia leaves and then put on eye when cooled.  You can also take Benadryl that will stop the swelling.

Alternatives to fake eyelashes:  Maybelline, Almay, and Covergirl have super thick lash mascara to make lashes look fuller. You can use the infamous eyelash curler.   These work great and it is a safe proof way to staying healthy.

Should you get fake eyelashes:  Ultimately the decision is up to you.  I tried to put fake eyelashes on one time several years ago and they would not stay on.  So I swore to never put them on again.  I have friends who feel naked without their fake eyelashes.  One particular friend loves them and it seems to boost her confidence.  She has been wearing fake eyelashes for over 10 years and has never had an eye infection, but she has always gotten them done professionally.  I think that if you want to wear them, then do it and be aware of ways to prevent getting an eye infection.

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