6 Ultimate Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

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The problem of hair starts from the soil where it is rooted – scalp. Dry scalp is considered as the first warning for linked hair ailments. Hence, it becomes inevitable to cure the problem of dry scalp. But going for drugs may cause more damage, as they often come labeled with side effects. In such situation, naturopathy or home remedies remains the last resort to treat dry scalp. Here, we have listed some of the most-effective home based cures to treat moisture less scalp.

1. Tea Tree Oil Remedy

Tea tree is supposed to be one of the most beneficial natural/home-based medicines to hydrate dry scalp. This oil is used in many therapies, ranging from fairness treatment to healing of skin rashes. Effective in dandruff removal and scalp hydration, tea tree oil makes your scalp cells immune towards elements which make it dry. For best result, mix 5-10 drops of the oil in water and rinse your hair with it after every wash.

2. Hot Oil Treatment

This is another impactful home remedy to get rid of dry scalp as well as to get lustrous hair. Hot oil massage works wonder if it is followed with a hot turban therapy. To prepare hot oil, you need to mix a few drops of different essential oils with a table spoon of olive oil. After oil is mixed, heat it and allow it to cool. Once it reaches to room temperature, apply the mixed oil in pores of your hair. Most of the beauticians suggest to apply hot oil at least a night before you take the hair wash.

3. Honey and Olive Oil Cure

Olive oil and honey, both substances are highly desired in beauty galore due to their unending qualities. You can mix these two great nature’s boon to dispose multiple hair problems such as, flaky scalp, hair lice, dandruff etc. Mix two tablespoon of lukewarm olive oil with two tea spoon honey. Mix it and apply gently on your scalp. Now wrap a hot towel around your hair. Let it be on your head for around 10 minutes and then wash your hair using a mild shampoo. This will restore moisture in your scalp.

Note – To get the hot towel, dip a clean towel in lukewarm water and extract extra water from it.

4. Beer for your hair

This is an odd but beneficial remedy for dry scalp. Beer is a wonderful conditioner. After shampooing your hair, substitute your conditioner with a tumbler of beer and thoroughly rinse your hair with it. Gently massage your scalp for two minutes and wash your hair again with cold water. Beer will not only hydrate your scalp but also, it’ll make your hair softer.

Note – You can mix apple cider vinegar with beer to get bouncy hairs.

5. Lemon Juice and Honey Treatment

Lemon is known for its remedial qualities. It is a good hair conditioner as well as works miraculously in removing dandruff from hair. When the juice of this tangy fruit is mixed with honey, it becomes a great treatment for dry scalp. Add a table spoon of lemon juice in equal amount of honey. Gently massage your hair using this mix and leave it over night. Wash your hair off next morning and you’ll experience a great change.

Note – you can also mix rosemary essential oil in lemon-honey mix.

6. Coconut Oil Treatment

A rich source of numbers of beneficial compounds, coconut oil is a great medicine to cure dry scalp. You can simply apply coconut oil on your scalp or mix it with extra virgin olive oil. Coconut oil penetrates deeper in your scalp, hydrating it to the core. Thus, it offers required moisture to your hair and head’s crowing area. To get an immediate benefit, heat a table spoon of coconut oil and allow it to get cool. Massage your hair pores with it using your finger tips. After applying it to the complete area, wait for thirty minutes and then wash it off. The problem of dry scalp won’t hassle you anymore.

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