The Second Tallest Flag of India At Police Garden Kolhapur, Maharashtra

A 300-foot flag post, said to be the country’s second-tallest, was inaugurated at Kolhapur in western Maharashtra today.

State revenue minister and district guardian minister Chandrakant Patil inaugurated the flag post installed in Police Garden, located opposite the office of Kolhapur Superintendent of Police, by hoisting the tricolour on the occasion of Maharashtra Day this morning.

Kolhapur Street Beautification Project (KSBP), a trust, has installed this flag post which is the second-tallest in the country, a senior police officer said.

The 360-foot flag post inaugurated on March 6 at Attari on Indo-Pak border is said to be the tallest in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Patil said, “We all wanted this to happen, and now the flag is hoisted. As a local trust has installed the flag post and it is also developing the Police Garden

The Second Tallest Flag of India, 90’x60′ at a height of 300′ was hoisted at Police Garden Kolhapur, Maharashtra on 1st May 2017.
Details of Mast:
Bottom diameter – 5′ (Bottom)  16″(Top)
Weight – 14 Ton
Weight of flag – 100kg.

Weight of flag Post – 24,000kg.
Installation Cost: 1.1 Crore

Image Credits: Ramnath Bhat