Treating Menstrual Problems with Ayurveda

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Menstrual problems are a very common problem faced by most women. Instead of finding a permanent cure for it, we either resort to

  • Temporary cures in the form of allopathic medicines or
  • Simply grind our teeth and bear it.

Yet Ayurveda has many simple ways and means which help to successfully treat menstrual problems in women.

The different problems faced
 Menstrual problems generally refer to a number of discomforts experienced during and before and after the onset of periods. They are generally characterised by
  • Irregular menstruation with the time period between the occurrence of periods varying greatly
  • Experiencing pain in the lower abdomen or lower back
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding leading to the onset of anaemia due to heavy loss of blood
  • White discharge or a condition known as Leucorrhoea
  • Problems of the genital tract of women

Causes for menstrual problems

In Ayurveda, the reasons for aggravating and causing these problems is generally thought to be

  • Increased intake of heavy, fatty foods which are salty, sour, hot, pungent or fermented and alcoholic beverages
  • Improper digestion of food resulting from eating food before the earlier meal has been digested
  • Abortions and indulging in excessive, improper sexual activities
  • Increase in physical activities like walking, running, riding etc.
  • Certain psychological factors like strong emotions, anxiety etc.

Ayurveda believes that due to improper lifestyles and food habits, toxins are produced in our body. These toxins reach the deeper channels of tissues present in our body where they cause blockages resulting in stagnation of blood. This stagnated, toxic blood is the root cause of all menstrual problems. Therefore it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain good habits.

Some Ayurvedic procedures for curing menstrual problems

Ayurveda also puts forth certain dos and don’ts which should be religiously followed for getting relief from menstrual problems like

  • The causes of these menstrual problems as stated above should be avoided at all costs.
  • Physiological as well as psychological tensions and stress should also be kept at bay.
  • The legs and feet should be kept in an elevated position during menstruation
  • Beverages such as tea or coffee as well as cold drinks should not be taken during this period. Cooling drinks at room temperature like peppermint tea etc., should be taken instead.
  • The essence and aroma of mint and sandalwood when used in cool showers also provides relief from certain menstrual problems

Ayurvedic home remedies

Ayurveda also offers certain home remedies which are easy to make and also taste good. Some of these remedies are

  • Mint and honey should be mixed in equal quantities and taken two times daily. One should start taking this mixture a few days before the start of the periods and continue till the end.
  • 1-2 Hibiscus flowers should be fried in clarified butter and taken with a glassful of hot milk at least once every day.
  • A paste of 1-2 Hibiscus flowers should be made with milk and taken with ½ tsp of honey and lukewarm water or milk every day.

The practise of taking these home remedies should be incorporated into our daily routine. This reduces the dependency on medicines. It also helps to bring about a favourable outcome of the menstrual problems faced by women.

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