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Paragraph on “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”

‘God Helps Those Who Help Themselves’. This proverb has two elements. The first relates to human beings. It means that human beings should try to sort out their own problems. The second relates to God and means that God will help human beings who do this. So, overall it means that God will help us if we first try to sort out things for ourselves.

This phrase is believed to have been coined by Algernon Sidney. Sidney was a political theorist writing in the early modern era in England. However, some people know this phrase through an even more famous person. This is Benjamin Franklin. In a work called Poor Richard’s Almanac, Franklin used this phrase. This work was published in 1736. You may see people referring to Franklin as if he was the originator of the phrase.

This saying stresses the value of taking action to improve our lives. It encourages us to take action to improve our lives. It also encourages us to trust in God’s help.  In the workplace, hard work will get results. In studies, putting in the effort will get us better grades.