DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

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The easiest DIY yarn hanging you’ll ever make. No skill or special supplies needed!

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

This winter we participated in a flea market/ craft show and decided that we wanted our booth to be Christmas overload. We wanted people to look at our booth and feel the Christmas spirit. We built some walls and made it kind of like a little store. The most work was spent on decor DIYs for the walls, and this yarn wall hanging was one of the main pieces. We made two of them because they were really easy and took up a good amount of wall space. After the show was over, we realized we had some really good usable decor on our hands! One of them may go in a room we are working on for a client, but we are still searching for a home for our other guy. Anyway, I’m going to show you how we made them!


Casey Freeman & Savannah McNeill | Hey Wanderer Blog | Step by Step Tutorial

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