15 Best Party Places In Pune

Best Party Places In Pune
Best Party Places In Pune

Wondering about which are the best party places in Pune? Want to let your hair down this weekend & go crazy? Check out these top 15 nightclubs in the city and make your plans for a fun weekend right now.
15 Best Party Places In Pune – Strictly For The Partyhopper Crowd In The City

1. Stone Water Grill

Shrinath-Dattatraya-NavghanВImage Courtesy: Shrinath-Dattatraya-Navghan

For one of the best after-dinner party scenes in Pune, head to the Stone Water Grill. The perfect idea for a couple’s night out, if you’re looking to paint the town red with your significant other.

Where is it: Pyramid Complex, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annexxe

Timings: 7 PM to 1:30 AM

Cost for two: Rs. 2,200 (approximately)

2. Mi A Mi

ZomatoImage Courtesy: Zomato

The delicious finger foods and drinks in the ambiance of arguably the best party place in Pune. Ask any Puneite about the best place to let your hair loose, and Mi-A-Mi would be on their top 3.

Where is it: JW Marriott,Senapati Bapat Road

Timings: 12 Midnight to 2:30 AM

Cost for two: Rs. 2,500 (approximately)

3. The Ship

Zomat-2Image Courtesy: The Ship

Built from scraps from a real ship and serving a wide variety of American and European fare, the feel of The Ship is snuggled up yet energetic, with diverse seating options and a well-stocked bar.

Where is it: Fortaleza, Central Avenue, Kalyani Nagar

Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight

Cost for two: Rs. 2,000 (approximately)

4. Swig

ZomatoImage Courtesy: Zomato

Finger food and chilled beer, while trying your hand at some Foosball with friends – that’s the way to while away your time here on the weekdays, because the weekends are jam-packed with a prominent number of the Pune party crowd who just wanna have some crazy fun.

Where is it: North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune

Timings: 12 Noon to 11.30 PM

Cost for two: Rs. 1,600 (approximately)

5. Kue Bar

Zomato-4Image Courtesy:Zomato

For another hardcore clubbing experience in Pune, the Kue Bar offers all ardent party-goers with a tempting Rs 1000 per couple entry on Saturday nights and exciting dance/house music. Right from the electronic lighting, to the crazy environment amidst a very classy backdrop – the Kue Bar provides an excellent ambiance for those who love to shake their legs on the weekends.

Where is it: The Westin, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annexxe

Timings: 9 PM to 2:45 AM

Cost for two: Rs. 3,200

6. Area 51

zomatoImage Courtesy: Zomato

If you want a party experience never-seen-before in Pune – head to Area 51. Their revolving dance floor is their crown jewel and is a major crowd puller, and for all the right reasons. Following it’s name, the place resembles the hi-tech decor of a UFO base and has an interesting fusion of in-house DJs every night.

Where is it: Pancard Clubs, Baner Hills, Baner

Timings: 8 PM to 1 AM

Cost for two: Rs 1,800 (approximately)

7. Hard Rock Cafe

ZomatoImage Courtesy: Zomato

Nobody who likes to party hard will be a stranger to the HRC. Visit the one in Koregaon Park in Pune for its classic American fare and music memorabilia. While there, must-tries include Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea, Legendary Beef Burger, Chocolate Cake, Herb Grilled Chicken Breast, Chicken Tupelo, Non-veg Big Nachos, and the Apple Cobbler.

Where is it: Pyramid Complex, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annexxe

Timings: 12 Noon to 12:30 AM

Cost for two: Rs 2,500 (approximately)

8. Penthouze Nightlife

ZomatoImage Courtesy: Zomato

This clubbing hotspot is a rooftop joint and is thus known for its breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Other than the choice variety of alcohol, don’t forget to sample some of their Vietnamese Chicken Meatballs and Peri Peri Mushroom, which are their signature dishes.

Where is it: Onyx Tower, Next to Westin Hotel, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annexxe

Timings: 8:30 PM to 1 AM

Cost for two: Rs 2,500 (approximately)

9. The Fishbowl

Zomato-2Image Courtesy: Zomato

Complete with their separate indoor and outdoor sections (for special screenings of live matches), The Fishbowl is quite at par with the general taste and grandeur of the Hyatt. Visit them for their cocktails and their unique ambiance, especially the al fresco area.

Where is it: Hyatt Pune, Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Timings: 1 PM to 1:30 AM

Cost for two: Rs 1,800 (approximately)

10. High Spirits Cafe

Zomato-1Image Courtesy: Zomato

Popular mostly among the younger student crowd of Pune’s partygoers, because of its more pocket-friendly prices, the High Spirits Cafe is known for its music scene featuring top bands and DJs from the country.

Where is it: Near ABC Farms, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annexe,

Timings: 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Cost for two: Rs. 1,500 (approximately)

11. 1 Lounge and Restaurant

Zomato-1Image Courtesy: Zomato

Known as an outdoor clubbing hostpot, 1 Lounge also has to offer a whole menu of delectable food items to the more peckish ones of its party crowd. The best place to catch up with an old friend in the early evening, and then later hit the dance floor as the night progresses.

Where is it: Mundhwa Road,Koregaon Park Annexe

Timings: 7 PM to 12.30 AM

Cost for two: Rs 2,000 (approximately)

12. [email protected]

ZomatoImage Courtesy: Zomato

Snazzy exteriors with the tables lit in pink, promise you an electric dining experience. There are also bean bags arranged outside where you can just sit and chit chat and have a good time with your friends till the wee hours of the night.

Where is it: The Westin, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annexxe

Timings: 5 PM to 1 AM

Cost for two: Rs. 1,900 (approximately)

13. The Flying Saucer Sky Bar

b99735ff4003b8b760a40b2734242e8eImage Courtesy: Zomato

Away from the loud honks of the city and its traffic, the Flying Saucer Sky Bar is the best place for a more relaxed evening with close friends. Head there on Saturday evenings for arguably the best House music in Pune, and you wouldn’t be able to resist hitting the dance floor.

Where is it: Lunkad Sky Vista, New Airport Road, Viman Nagar

Timings: 11 AM to 12.30 AM

Cost for two: Rs 2,000 (approximately)

14. Soho Restaurant

75105672a7cc75b49fc1c99eb95dec32Image Courtesy: Zomato

Its minimalist romantic ambiance is the perfect reason for couples to head down here when they are in the mood for some weekend fun. The wooden dance floor plus the heart pumping beats will draw you and your date out to dance the night away.

Where is it: Near Bishop’s School, Metro Traders Compound, Kalyani Nagar

Timings: 5.30 PM to 12.30 AM

Cost for two: Rs 1,000 (approximately)

15. BlueFROG

808cf7fea68fbc55d7fb3697a98263f0Image Courtesy: Zomato

Known both for its incredible domestic and international music playlist, this is one place in Pune where you can go either “hands-in-the-air” kind of crazy or just chill with some drinks and friends. The huge bar is a popular attraction and works as a major crowd puller among those who are looking for a wilder night.

Where is it: Ishanya Mall, Yerawada

Timings: 6 PM to 1.30 AM

Cost for two: Rs 2,400 (approximately)

So which place are you heading to this weekend?

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